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ECO Tronkos and Barrancos

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As you know, in Tronkos y Barrancos we are dedicated to guiding groups doing activities in the natural environment. We consider it our home as we spend more hours in it than in our own house.

The rapid rise in the number of people who participate in mountain sports and the growing trend of doing risky activities has had a huge negative environmental impact in many places until then remote, beautiful and unfrequented.

One of the most important aims for Tronkos is the maintenance, conservation, awareness and cleaning of the natural environment where we carry out our activities. It is for this reason that, since we believe that many people think the same way as us, but have neither the organization nor the means to make it possible, our new ECO TRONKOS project was established.

This project consists of volunteer work done by the staff and internal technicians of Tronkos y Barrancos, as well as our clients and by all those interested, and involved in taking care of this beautiful planet that we live in. The small grain of sand that each one can contribute will be an example for many others.

Although we clean and collect waste during each of our activities, ECO TRONKOS members will have the opportunity to do it with us at least once a month. We will decide what action we are going to carry out and the volunteers will be provided with all the technical material needed for the activity. (e.g.  if we are going to clean the channel of a ravine, a harness, helmet, descender, neoprene in the case we come across water, certified technician responsible for the activity, RC, ACC and rescue insurance and a representative shirt of the volunteer will be provided).

Depending on the activity, there will be maximum guide-volunteer ratios for greater control and security for the day.

The activity is completely free, the only thing that must be paid is the amount of € 5 per person in effect of the RC, ACC and rescue insurance to be covered during the activity, regardless of whether they have other personal insurance contracted.

The duration of the days will depend on the group of people and the activity to be carried out. It will also depend on the distance to the meeting point and the base of Tronkos and Barrancos. If the action is very far from our base, a different meeting point will be agreed on. 

Environmental project

Eco Tronkos is an environmental project, with the aim to maintain and clean the natural environment. This will be done in different parts of the Valencian Community, specifically in the channels of the gorges, climbing sectors and iron ways, inside caves and hiking trails.

Awareness talks in institutes, schools and associations

The Eco Tronkos project also plans to give talks on awareness and recycling in schools and institutes, as well as in associations of all kinds to try to reach out to a greater number of people interested in collaborating and contributing their grain of sand.

Collaboration with groups and companies

Collaboration with different groups and companies will be the most important part when it comes to obtaining financing or even materials to carry out cleaning tasks, replanting trees and everything that is needed for the functions carried out in the projects of Eco Tronkos. Their collaboration does not have to be economic, but rather materials or means can be donated with which to collect or remove waste from the places chosen by this environmental project.

Collaboration with federations and municipalities

With the collaboration of federations and the city council, it is intended to give greater visibility to Eco Tronkos in order to reach out to the largest number of people interested in being a part of the volunteer groups. Therefore, the city council of the area where you want to participate in will be contacted to communicate it and request their help and the means at their disposal to promote and assist the cleaning work.

Eco tronkitos

In this project there is also space for children. We believe that from a young age, it is important to encourage this type of behavior and enhance it, from lectures in classrooms, outings with environmental training and recognition of animals and plants. In addition to one of the main projects for this sector, is the replanting of trees in the areas allowed or left to us by the different municipalities and the Consellería.

Planting of Trees

For the planting of trees, an attempt will be made to subsidize or make the most of the help given by the different sponsors or companies to be able to obtain the facilities and materials needed for this project. In addition, nurseries and garden warehouses in the areas where the project will be carried out will be taken into consideration. 

T-shirts for volunteers

Identification t-shirts with the “Eco Tronkos” logo on the front and with the word VOLUNTARI @ and the sponsors’ logos on the back will be distributed for the performances and for the members of the Eko Tronkos volunteers, thus giving visibility to both the project as well as its collaborators.